Resolving Error ‘16026’ of QuickBooks

I am working with an Accounting Data Company as senior finance executive for past two years. The organization is medium sized organization and uses QuickBooks accounting software to keep the records related to customers, vendors, employees, etc. Undoubtedly QuickBooks is a perfect accounting tool for fulfilling the needs of small to medium sized organizations but it too has chances to get corrupt or damaged. Though various measures are available to fix issues related to QuickBooks corruption but at times these resolutions fail to do any thing needful. In that case opting for third-party QuickBooks repair software is recommended. However, I was unaware of third-party QuickBooks repair software before I faced the problem personally.

Let me narrate the entire episode. I use Windows Vista laptop with quickbooks enterprise. My system or I can say this combination was working fine before I started downloading latest updates of QuickBooks. Another day when downloading an update of QuickBooks,

I encountered the following error message: “Error 16026

Worried! I restarted the update process but with no luck and even the second time, I was stopped by the same error message. I didn’t understand that what exactly had happened to my QuickBooks thus worried I searched over the internet and found that one of the below mentioned causes could be the reason for this unexpected behavior of QuickBooks:

  • Sometimes the connectivity issue with the internet causes the problem. So, I checked my internet connection but it was fine.
  • The unsupportive version of MS Internet Explorer is another cause of getting this issue. The supported IE versions for downloading QuickBooks update are IE 6.0 and later. However, I was having IE 6.0.
  • The cipher strength of IE also plays major role. If the cipher length of IE is not 128-bit then also the problem occurs. However, even this was also not the case with me.
  • The unsupportive versions of QuickBooks running in Windows Vista or Windows 7 are at times responsible for this issue. However, even this was also not the case with me.
  • Sometimes the damaged QuickBooks files or improperly downloaded QuickBooks files are cause of the issue and I understood that it was the case with me.

Further in my search I found that one of the best ways to overcome such situation is use of third-party tool which can repair QuickBooks. The tool which was highly recommended by the users and which I used was Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks. The software repairs corrupt/inaccessible QuickBooks database (.QBW) files and recovers all our critical financial information.

Thus, I used this software and repaired my QuickBooks file with all the information related to vendors, customers, and employees intact.



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